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Regenerative Gala

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We're thrilled to welcome you for the Regenerative Gala April 2023


Our Mission

Event Schedule

You're invited to attend The Regenerative Gala! Join us as we kickoff Earth Month with the first ever event of its kind that features:

  • An Ethical Runway Show
  • An Art Auction with Proceeds That Go To Land Restoration
  • A Panel Discussion on Intersectional Environmentalism
  • Low-Waste Provisions by Local Farmers
  • Local Wine from a Regenerative Farm
  • Live Music, Raffle Prizes, Best Dressed Contest!

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The Future

The fashion industry emits about the same quantity of greenhouse gases per year as the entire economies of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom combined. By 2030, it will need to cut its emissions by about half—or else it will exceed the 1.5 degree pathway to mitigate climate change, set out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and ratified in the 2015 Paris agreement.

Under the current trajectory, the fashion industry misses the 1.5ºC pathway by 50 percent and abates only emissions from incremental growth.
Visualizing the future stats Emissions abatement assuming the industry decarbonization continues at current pace, million tons of CO₂ equivalent

The Concept of Regenerative Agriculture

“If we need to reduce our consumption and improve the recycling process, we can also act on the value chain, by changing all the activities leading to the creation of the piece of clothing. Regenerative fashion changes the usual approach, by conditioning the garment so that it becomes a resource and not a waste product. Regenerative fashion goes beyond being organic — its ultimate goal is to enrich the earth. The piece of clothing is composed exclusively of natural organic fibers — which are themselves the result of enriching cultivation processes. No depletion of soil my monoculture, no use of pesticides nor fertilizers, and respect for local biodiversity. It is mainly a biodynamic method of cultivation, agriculture that considers the earth as a complex living being, and its inhabitants, whether living or inert, as energy resources for nourishment and regeneration. Regenerative agriculture mimics the cycles that occur naturally in nature, helping to increase biodiversity, enrich the soil and mitigate global warming. Sounds fictional? It’s already happening. Many brands from England and California are leading the way in this revolution.”

Anaïs Schlienger, Environmentalist from Paris, France


We believe in providing an environment for humans to cross fertilize ideas as part of a movement towards collective earth restoration. Through fresh dialogue we pursue inroads to climate optimism and innovative solutions.

We host this Regenerative Gala because we believe the answer to improving and restoring balance to the earth is within reach and within ourselves. Our Vision is to bring together environmental progressives and likeminded people from various sectors of society to illustrate strength in numbers, symbolic of a movement happening in real time.

Our Vision is to bring together environmental progressives and likeminded people from various sectors of society to illustrate strength in numbers, symbolic of a movement happening in real time.

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We Are The General Public LLC Operates under the umbrella Non Profit: Flux Factory. Flux Factory’s Mission is to support emerging artists through Artist-In-residencies and Exhibitions, education and collaborative opportunities. All donations are 100% tax deductible and will be processed through Flux factory. Flux supports our primary mission to use Fashion as a vehicle to bring us back to earth restoration via ethical consumerism.

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